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Sadia Ghazanfar, leadership & Career development Coach

My coaching philosophy

My approach to coaching is holistic and humanitarian. 

Because the personal you is the professional you, too. 

That's why I hold space in which all your 'yous' can come together

and be one authentic self, moving forward in a

clear direction. 



I act as a catalyst.  The fuel you need to gain clarity and focus, so you can build your confidence and develop your self-belief.  It's all about compassion and care. 


Empathetically shining a light on your patterns so you can capture useful insights that will help you learn and grow. 


Together, we develop a creative thinking partnership.  A dedicated place where we can question and explore the 'dragons' that are stopping you from being all you can be.  And what we can do to slay them.  


Never forget: there is only one YOU. 

I'm here to remind you: you're stronger than you know!

2019-11-26 14.19_edited.jpg

I love to work with:

Other women from marginalised groups, who are striving to grow and take up more space in their personal and professional lives. 


Open-minded, empathetic and curious women committed to their ongoing personal development. 

Founders and freelancers, mothers and managers, healers and side-hustlers, coaches and creatives. 

Women who are tired of 'wearing the mask' and feel ready to show up as their true, authentic selves. 

Courageous, ever-evolving women, unafraid to 'do the work'. 

Let Slay Your Dragons support you. Find out more. Book a free discovery call 

Slay Your Dragons works with diverse, smart-minded women who want to make a positive impact in their lives and the world.


Interested to explore how we can work together? 
Get in touch today to start your journey!

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