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leadership & career development coaching services

Supporting women during midlife career transitions so they can feel calm and confident

Slay Your Dragons helps women all over the world to become the best possible versions of themselves.  And to bring a sense of fulfilment to everything they do.  


Pink Sugar
"Sadia has given me career confidence (which transcends into my personal life), I feel more grounded and she has reignited my natural curiosity and positivity"
Sarah Lindsay, Mother + Sales Manager

You Are Not Alone

During career transitions women often feel lonely, crippling self-doubt and intense pressure or stress to perform.

I get it. I’ve been there. I know first-hand the importance of objective and impartial support.  A creative thinking partner, structure and accountability to help clarify your thinking and move you forward to achieve results. 


We all have 'dragons'. Slay your Dragons enables women to become aware of their 'dragons' by shining a light on their personal stories. With greater self-awareness, women are empowered to switch the narrative and shift from 'dragon' to 'sage' mode, thereby increasing confidence, emotional resilience and performance. 

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