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1:1 Coaching Testimonials

Steph Lim, Marketing Lead

How was your experience with Slay Your Dragons 1:1 Coaching?

“Undertaking life coaching is a big commitment emotionally and financially and can be a bit daunting as it is unknown, however you are in safe hands with Sadia. She manages to be professional, challenging but always warm and kind. I struggled with imposter syndrome for many years, I had sessions with very well regarded corporate psychologists who repeatedly told me to 'Fake til I feel it', for an authentic person that is impossible and terrible advice. Sadia worked with me to create a strategy to help me manage and beat that imposter, she is the only professional to have got me there! I cannot thank her enough or recommend her highly enough. Even if you're not sure what you might need coaching for, contact her, have a chat and she will help you find some clarity”


How did you feel before your 1:1 coaching?

“I was really struggling with career confidence and had been struggling with imposter syndrome for so many years. I spoke to other coaches who told me to fake it til I make it, actually I think they made it worse. I thought it was something I would just have to live with”

How did having a coach benefit your work/life?

"It has given me career confidence (which does transcend into my personal life), I feel more grounded and it has reignited my natural curiosity and positivity."

sarah lindsay, sales manager

"My coaching sessions with Sadia were really helpful, she gets straight to the crux of an issue and asks great questions that open options up to me which I'd never seen before. I always left our sessions feeling calm, yet energised and motivated and confident I can overcome the obstacles. I'd highly recommend Sadia as a coach”

Caroline O’Brien, HR Director

How did having a Coach benefit your work/life?

Hugely. Even though I may have known some of the answers already and probably advise that I share regularly with friends, it gave me reason and purpose to understand what I am doing and why I'm doing it!


Sadia's biggest gift is her empathy and engagement with clients. Making me feel instantly at ease, yet taking me out of my comfort zone. Sadia genuinely cares and each session was bespoke and tailored to me.”


Bringing out the light bulb moments for me! – These were self-discovery that I really am a worrier (should I say was) How to deal with gratitude but most importantly, Sadia gave me the belief that I can stop and celebrate achievements or activities and it’s so important to reflect rather than constantly pushing and doing.  Sadia made me feel comfortable and confident in believing that I can take a break and live in the moment rather than constantly moving on to what’s next!”


Did you achieve the goals/results you were looking for from the coaching engagement? How so or not?

“Yes I certainly achieved goals. I’m still working towards them every day but I know I'm reaching them as I feel much happier and confident in my work and I’ve realised I don’t need to put so much pressure on myself to achieve everything!”

What benefits did you gain from coaching?

“I’ve gained my confidence back and belief in myself. I genuinely feel happy about myself and my work. I have my own words to say to myself and techniques to practice if I need them. I have visual positivity around my office. It’s certainly not finished as every day is a journey and there'll be times when I’ll wobble, but by pressing re-set and knowing I’m constantly working towards a goal and my belief makes it worthwhile!”

Would you recommend coaching to others?

"150% everyone should do it!"

Rachel Davy, PR + Communications Consultant

"I went to Sadia for coaching after quitting my full-time job. Lockdown had made me realise that I needed to step back and assess all my life choices, including where I live and how I work. Sadia helped me to navigate my strengths and passions, to help me move forward with decision making.  A combination of centring exercises during the sessions and practical 'homework' helped me to realise things that I probably already knew deep down, but needed re-remembering or bringing to the surface. Sadia played a helpful role in keeping me accountable for actions so that I didn't fall back into a pattern of inaction. In our last session, we looked at my daily habits and how I could change them to make each day more productive. I would recommend coaching with Sadia for anyone wanting to make big changes in their life or those wanting help in making small adjustments too."

saphia king, Freelance garment technician 

“During the 6 week period that I was working with Sadia, I felt I made significant progress in my work life. Sadia was great at making me take actions for the next meeting and checking in with me at each session to see how I got on. This really helped keep me motivated and action oriented.

As a coach Sadia has a really nice, relaxed style. The sessions gave me time to reflect and to work towards my goals. Sadia asked me thought -provoking questions that helped me gain clarity on what was going on for me. I really valued my time with Sadia as my coach.”

Carol Kehoe, Ireland

“Sadia instantly made me feel at ease with her warmth and kindness. She gave me a safe, open space to explore my passions and aspirations, as well as my limiting habits and thought patterns.  She provided practical tools which enabled me to influence instant change in my personal and professional life” 

Sonia, Teacher

“I had a wonderful experience with Sadia. I was given tools and encouragement to help myself. Many of the techniques I've incorporated into my daily/weekly routine.  The difference between my personal and professional life has been profound.  Highly recommended!”

Andres, Teacher
Group Coaching
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“I achieved so many goals during the 6-week mental fitness course.  The main being understanding how to achieve a healthy/happy work-life balance. I now have tools to help manage stress, difficult people/situations. I have a greater understanding of what it means to me to be successful and have managed to change some of my life-long saboteurs.   


LIFE CHANGING - I never ever would have imagined that in such a short amount of time that I would feel like I have achieved so much. The safe environment and community made the process so much easier, as it is testing at times. The journey I have been on has been mind-blowing and by taking the time to focus on the skills I have learnt - it will continue to shape my life into being one full of happiness, love and success”

Janine loucaides, interior designer (studio louca)

“I have told people that the 6-week mental fitness course has been a game-changer for me. I would say it is like anything you do - the more time and dedication to commit to it, the more benefit you will reap.


The wonderful thing about the course is the simple to understand framework which I feel sticks in your mind when you are familiar with it. Its application to all elements of life makes it so usable and practical - so much so that framing situations with saboteurs and my sage in mind have become second hand to me.”

rakhshan ijaz, teacher 

“I got to uncover layers of myself that I need to work on in the future, I learnt techniques that allow me to activate my sage and see problems in a positive light. I  was able to unlock a layer of compassion for myself/ other people I have previously struggled with.

It's a good group coaching course for finding your 'best friend mentality' so you can find positivity in all situations and towards all types of people. Using easy techniques you can learn to conquer your inner demons (all the horrible judges). The time you have to commit is not that much and the weekly meetings allow you to reset, reflect and learn through other peoples experiences.”

Chloe Moss, Project Manager
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“Absolutely recommend! I’ve learnt more than I expected about myself and my direction/focus for the future.  Sadia made me feel so relaxed and safe to share my thoughts/feelings.  So great to share with others”

Sonia, Teacher - vision board workshop

“I loved seeing what I wanted in my future.  I was surprised! I loved being creative, open and relaxing with other women. Go in with an open mind.  You don’t have to be creative, it’s about switching off and discovering something new.  Meeting new people was great!”

Becky, Office Manager - Vision board workshop

“We don’t spend enough time thinking about what makes us happy and what’s important.

Take 3 hours to do it!”

Rachael, HR Business Partner - vision board workshop

“I really enjoyed being with other women and hearing their stories.  It’s great to reconnect to the magic within and I want to vision board all the time now!”

Anna, Contracts Manager - vision board workshop

“Getting a fresh perspective for myself and having a calm space with like-minded people to engage with ideas, possible directions and giving those things room in my mind.  I felt my personal likes and things I thrive for were re-awakened and that I have the capacity to not just dream but realise new ways to live and learn.”

Kate, Production Editor - vision board workshop

“Being allowed to play + follow intuition.  Fun and great to get into the flow in the support of a group.  It revealed what I really NEED/WANT currently, but very different from my ‘to do’ list! Thanks Sadia - so FUN!”

Hebe, therapist & mindfulness teacher - vision board workshop
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